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Legacy Migration

For customers who need to migrate their applications across platforms. Our migration process is a structured and proven approach that facilitates migration in a reliable and predictable manner. Unlike more expensive and ad-hoc solutions from our competitors, our process reduces overall risk, uncertainty and cost of such large migration exercises.

 Why Customers Migrate?

From Intelligentsia Software past experience in migration/reengineering, following are important drivers for migration.

  • Higher cost in maintenance of Legacy applications.
  • Technology Limitations in legacy applications and platforms.
  • Adoption of open source wave.
  • Adoption of emerging architectural concepts.
  • Conversion of two tier to n tier application.
  • Mergers and acquisitions triggering application consolidation.
  • Adoption of SOA philosophy.
  • Lack of Vendor support for legacy applications and older platforms
  • Lack of skilled resources for legacy application maintenance and development

Intelligentsia fully understands the drivers of migration/reengineering and has devised a detailed methodology for migration/reengineering supported by a specialized Centre of excellence group and skilled resources.