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  • SharePoint Implementations
  • .Net Development
  • Java Development
  • Web Application Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • User Experience Development


Intelligentsia Software is dedicated to two standards:
1. To provide our customers with the best quality products and services at the best prices with the best service.
2. To provide wages and benefits comparable or exceeding others doing similar work within the industry and within the region.

  Customized Software Development:

ISL has a well-defined and mature application development process which comprises the complete SDLC from business case analysis to warranty support of the application. ISL takes under one hat the most progressive technologies alone with preferences and expectations of the client. Finding new and creative approaches in order to meet the specific requirements and preferences of our client as efficiently as possible is ISLs top priority while customizing software.

  IT Services:

ISL is a company with extensive Information Technology experience. Whether you are thinking about a launching simple website for your new business, looking for a provider to maintain your existing website, need a fast and reliable keypunch operator or just wondering how to search and build an outlook compatible large mailing list from search engines and online yellow pages, you are being assured that our experts are just an email away.

 Help Desk:

ISLs help desk is an information and assistance resource that troubleshoots problems and is available 24/7. The level-1 help desk is prepared to answer the most commonly asked questions, or provide resolutions. If the issue isn't resolved at the level-One, the ticket will be sent to ISLs level-2 support that has the necessary resources to handle more difficult issues. Also note that ISL has a third level line of support which often deals with software specific needs, such as updates and bug-fixes that affect the client directly.

  Consulting Services:

The technology management consulting team at ISL improves the alignment of business and technology through improved process efficiency, reduced cost and enhanced business value of IT. Our consultants combine extensive technical experience with strong strategic and business focused leadership.

  Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

Enterprise application integration (EAI) is the process of linking applications within a single organization together in order to simplify and automate business processes to the greatest extent possible, while at the same time avoiding having to make sweeping changes to the existing applications or data structures.ISL uses EAI for multiple functions such as Data Integration, Process Integration, Vendor independence and Common Fade.

  Enterprise Quality Assurance

ISL enables its customers to deliver reliable and quality software by providing end-to-end testing, faster time-to-market, increased productivity through automation, and robust processes. We provide testing services to cater to various segments in the Technology and Enterprise segment. ISL compliments customer teams to enhance their testing tasks. Our proven methodologies enable us to perform assessments, create and conduct tests that are carefully designed, comprehensive and precisely focused on each business case.